1. Love is the ability to pray for another to have what you lack.

  2. Until you have love for what you claim to have faith for,you might not experience it’s manifestation.
  3. The exhibition of desperation is the downfall of any meaningful negotiation.
  4. Highly valuable entities aren’t given to extreme solicitation for attention.
  5. If you have to beg for love,something is wrong with you.
  6. Maturity is the ability to distinguish attainability from sustainability.
  7. The exhibition of desperation is the basis of all exploitation.
  8. You may not be able to stop people from lying to you,but you can stop yourself from believing everything that people tell you.
  9. To avoid heartbreak in love,you must base your assumptions and conclusions on verifiable reality.
  10. The feelings you don’t feed,you will not eventually feel.
  11. The Mother of all breakups is everyone insisting on having their way.
  12. Any lover that demands of you,what you don’t have,without appreciating what you’ve given is a fraud.


Deji Olabode.

Love Dynamics Global.

Enthronement Assembly Lagos.

@lovedynamix on twitter.

BBpin; 33023120

* Please note that all enquiries about speaking engagements and professional counseling should be sent by email to the above email address. Thanks.

* Also feel free to download our newly launched Love Dynamics app on blackberry app world. Simply click on the following link and download for free.


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