Life is governed by laws. Love is governed by laws as well. Our sex life as well must be subjected to certain rules for us not to get hurt in life. The purpose of my writing today is to highlight some of the rules you must not break for your love life to work.

  1. THOU SHALL NOT INDULGE IN IMPULSIVE SEX. It is terrible to note that a subtle idea of impulsive sex is being promoted by our culture. Most of our entertainment and media outlets promote the idea that for sex to be enjoyed, it must obey the rule of spontaneity. This may be positive for married folks but catastrophic for unmarried folks. The driving force for all the condom adverts is to encourage a subtle concept of impulsive sex. I know of wives who even go as far as packing condoms for their husbands, when he is going on an extensive trip,how sad. Some have told me that they found condoms in their partners possessions, when they were sure it wasn’t being used for them. Do I have a problem with condoms and the likes, if used legitimately? of course not! What am afraid of is the mindset that it encourages. It tells me that the person is expecting sex to show up suddenly and impulsively. We aren’t animals ruled by our basest instincts. Our actions, particularly our sexual actions, should be governed by rational and intelligent thought.

  2. THOU SHALT NOT INDULGE IN SEX WITH PERSONS WHO AREN’T READY FOR ITS CONSEQUENCES. There is no such thing as no consequence sex. It just doesn’t exist. Unfortunately many have come to view sex as an end in itself,rather than as a means to an end. I have seen unfortunate individuals get pregnant for people who aren’t in any way ready to cope with the fall out of their sexual escapades. I have seen students live sexually reckless lives,with people who can’t even take care of themselves, talk less of taking care of a baby. This too is a sexual evil I have seen under the sun. The reality is that any joker can demand for sex, but the key issue is this; Are they ready and fully prepared to handle the weight and the consequences of their sexual indulgence? If the answer is a categorical no, please ZIP UP.
  3. THOU SHALL NOT INDULGE IN SEX WITH PEOPLE WHO LACK SEXUAL INTEGRITY. In my opinion sex is the fastest means of transferring physical and spiritual problems among individuals. Therefore a person who cannot say no to sex,is a viable agent for the distribution of challenges. I have over the years encouraged a vibrant sex life for couples in marriage. Unfortunately, I am finding out now that it is wisdom to abstain sexually from a pathologically unfaithful marriage partner,so as to avoid sexual infections. Countless number of faithful wives have been infected by unfaithful husbands and vice versa. I am now fully convinced that the best thing that can be done for a partner who won’t stick to you sexually is to stay away from them. No amount of sexual pleasure is worth loosing your health and well being over.
  4. THOU SHALL SAVE SEX FOR MARRIAGE. This traditional approach of saving sex for marriage,and sticking sexually to one’s marriage partner still works. Recently I was elated to discover that Mariah Carey‘s husband confessed to first sleeping with his wife on their wedding night. How I long for more celebrities to live by this standard. It is just the right thing to do. All forms of sexual indulgence outside of the marriage institution has a way of creating complications for those that engage in it. It is time we begin to promote the idea of saved sex,over the idea of safe sex. No kind of sex outside of marriage is safe. May that generation arise that will live out this creed in practice.

Cecil.B.Demille once said that, one cannot break the law, we can only break ourselves against the law. Similarly we can’t attempt to break these sexual rules and not end up with broken lives ourselves. The choice is yours.

Deji Olabode.
Love Dynamics Global.
Enthronement Assembly Lagos.
@lovedynamix on twitter.
BBpin; 33023120

* Please note that all enquiries about speaking engagements and professional counseling should be sent by email to the above email address. Thanks.

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