dressing senceFashion is a big deal in our civilization. Beyond the fact that it is a thriving industry in several nations,it is also a means of sustenance for millions who are employed in it. Unfortunately in many scenarios,the sense has being lost in dress sense. In a bid to look cool, the statements we are trying to make isn’t quite clear. This article is my way of drawing our attention back to the essential purpose of dressing and how the beauty generated by it can make or mar our love life.

  • FASHION IS A REFLECTION OF OUR STATE OF MIND. In every society you will agree with me that those who have mental health challenges,exhibit a peculiar taste of fashion. One of the first signs that a person has lost it, is what they actually do with their clothes. The more mentally deranged a person is, the more they begin to lean towards a preference for nakedness. It is sad in my society that most mentally challenged individuals are allowed to roam around the streets naked,without professional mental care. Isn’t it therefore challenging to see several individuals in my generation, who claim to be in their right senses,sharing the same passion for nakedness,that those who are mentally challenged have?
  • FASHION IS A MEANS OF PERSONALLY REGULATING OUR ENVIRONMENTAL WEATHER CHALLENGES. Fashion is man’s way of shielding themselves from harsh weather conditions. In a sense we don’t choose what we wear,the weather makes that choice for us. It is therefore a mark of self love to choose the appropriate clothing that will enable us master the realities of our environment. One therefore begins to wonder when there is a disconnect between what people wear and their environmental realities. A hot weather for instance will require a different approach to fashion in comparison to a cold weather.
  • FASHION IS ALSO A REFLECTION OF THE OCCASION WE ARE ATTENDING. Attending a party will demand a different set of clothing than someone attending academic lectures. In a sense, the event we are attending determines what we are to wear. One valid rule of thumb is to always dress to suite the particular occasion at hand. One stands the chance of being ridiculed if one flouts this rule.
  • FASHION IS ALSO A MEANS OF PROFFESIONAL IDENTIFICATION. A doctor dresses differently from a lawyer. A sports man dresses differently from an entertainer. A computer specialist dresses differently from a soldier. Every profession has a way of dressing to facilitate recognition by clients and to inspire the confidence of their customers. Breaking this rule can cost you professionally. Even prostitutes have their corresponding dress codes. This is why you must be careful not to adopt the dress code of a profession, you aren’t ready to function in. Many unfortunate cases of sexual harassment has been fueled by this issue.
  • FASHION IS A REFLECTION OF OUR CULTURE AND VALUES. Show me what you wear and I would not only tell you how you think, but also what your values are as an individual. Just by looking at the fashion picture a person posts on the internet,I can tell you what they hunger for the most. From culture to culture and from generation to generation there usually is a change in values that is most certainly reflected by a change in fashion. What matters most is that we ensure that constructive values are being reflected in our appearance and not the other way round.
  • FASHION IS A MEANS OF COMPENSATING FOR OUR ANATOMICAL DEFICIENCIES. I said in an earlier article that we really don’t choose what we wear,our bodies make that choice for us. Everybody can be beautiful,if we learn to choose the appropriate clothing. Through our dressing we can manipulate peoples perception of our anatomical weaknesses in our favor. Those who are masters of this art are more likely to secure the attention of more love prospects that those who aren’t. Beauty isn’t just what you have,it is doing an excellent job with what you have.

In a nutshell what we have dealt with today is the purpose of fashion. Any other pursuit of fashion that doesn’t have one or more of the earlier stated principles as it’s objective is questionable and in most cases deplorable. It is time that my generation puts the “sense” back into their dress sense.

Deji Olabode.
Love Dynamics Global.
Enthronement Assembly Lagos.
@lovedynamix on twitter.
BBpin; 33023120

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