most-common-problems-couples-face-in-marriageConflicts are inevitable in every intimate relationship. Intimacy in itself suggests a rubbing together in different areas of the relationship. Unfortunately the heat and friction generated by intimacy can sometimes lead to adverse consequences, regarding the longevity of the relationship. The first step in conflict resolution is to understand the source and nature of the particular conflict you are facing, this will greatly enhance your ability to overcome it. The following are four major conflicts you might have to deal with in your love sojourn on earth. Continue reading



If conflicts are inevitable, the main issue should be developing our ability to deal with conflicts responsibly. This is our consideration today. Sometimes when things go wrong in our relationships, we are too quick to quit those relationships for the next one. If our quitting is based on a lack of capacity to handle issues on our part, we soon find the next relationship as disappointing as the ex, because our capacity to handle real issues has not increased. This is why we always recommend a capacity based approach to relationship development at Love Dynamics Global. Continue reading


#4_FightTheGoodFightYesterday, we said it is not enough to know how a lover loves. It is also important to know how they fight before settling for them. Some lovers actually love good but they fight bad. I have seen extreme dimensions of conflict in love, like lovers who physically destroy every material in sight all in the name of anger. I have seen other lovers get to the point of physically molesting their partners just to prove a point of displeasure. I have even seen lovers who verbally lash out at their lover without respect and dignity for them. In fact we have seen lovers oscillate between the two extremes of personal suicide and murderous tendencies just because they had a love fight. All of these are immature approaches to conflict resolution in love. Continue reading