crazy-loveThe words “I AM CRAZY ABOUT YOU” seem to be one of the most effective compliments that a person can offer their lover but must love be crazy? I believe somewhere in our human consciousness we entertain the idea that a love that just doesn’t make sense is more impressive than a love that does. I have had ladies tell me that they turned down the love proposal of a guy because they felt they were already too close. This betrays a notion in all of us that love has got to be spectacular and outrageous for us to go along. Today I want to question this hidden notion in all of us. Continue reading



One of the most painful love observations of my life is that, it is possible for you to love someone genuinely, and for your love not to register in their consciousness. This can be intensely frustrating for the one initiating the love gesture. A primary example of this is the creator’s love for his creatures, evidenced by the remarkable provisions of nature, existing in deliberate eco-systemic balance. Obvious as this may seem, many live their whole lives without getting the point that the creator’s overwhelming disposition towards them is one of love Continue reading


A few days ago we started the journey into discovering the “SECRET INGREDIENTS OF A PERFECT LOVE ENVIRONMENT”. We established fun as the first factor or what some call pleasure. This came to us as we gleaned from the wisdom of the creator in locating the first couple in Eden (Pleasure). By so doing we were instructed that fun is an ideal location for love. Continue reading