1. Marriage is one thing that is best gotten right, the first time one attempts it.

  2. Should you attempt future relationships while harboring past hurts, such attempts are bound to fail.
  3. If you decide to get married without believing in the idea of marriage, it won’t work.
  4. Being divorced, one can not take up the job for two and not feel the pressure of it.
  5. Coping with divorce requires more hard work than it even takes to make a good marriage work.
  6. Divorce isn’t something you do just because you want it. It should only be embarked upon because you have to do it.
  7. The decision for divorce should be taken slowly and painstakingly, after exhausting every possible avenue of making your marriage work.
  8. When an adulterous marriage becomes a threat to your health and well being,it is logical to leave.
  9. We shouldn’t have to loose our lives in other to save our marriages.
  10. When our human relationships become a threat to our divine relationship,we ought to rethink them.
  11. More tragic than the annulment of a marriage, are those who choose to live in an internal state of divorce from their partners, while maintaining the external facade of a working marriage.
  12. If half of the effort expended on preparing for weddings is invested in preparing the couples for marriage psychologically and spiritually, most marriages will work.


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