Love-is-Complicated_7522-lI have often said that the reason why many fail in love is because they suspend their heads while engaging their hearts. The heart alone is incapable of granting qualitative love outcomes. A new generation of thinking lovers must emerge. Someone asked me what I wanted my legacy to be, I answered that among other things, I would love to be remembered as the foremost love intellectual in my generation. If at the end of my days, I have made a generation think practically about what they call love, I would have been satisfied. This demand for thinking lovers is the greatest need of the hour. The following are some ways that stupidity is exhibited in love. Continue reading



bad menYesterday we dealt with how to keep your man. We must however be quick to state that not every kind of man is worth keeping. In fact some kind of men are worth loosing. Should you be involved with any of the men mentioned below, loosing them is a blessing and not a curse. Let’s share a few these minuses that claim to be men. Continue reading


We started yesterday on the subject of 8 types of relationships worth breaking. We made it clear that no one has to put up with coercive love circumstances in life. Life is too short to be spent in relationships with people who don’t want to be with you. Today we want to explore the subject of ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS. Continue reading