21-marriedmenWe all subconsciously long for exclusivity in love,but realistically not everyone of us will enjoy that privilege. This isn’t a curse but a fact based upon fallen human nature. It is true that we can minimize the chances of being cheated upon by choosing lovers who are of stellar integrity, but what happens to those who find out that someone they genuinely love has betrayed them? This is the essence of today’s article. There are five distinct phases everyone who is being cheated upon will go through. Let’s deal with them. Continue reading


Love-is-Complicated_7522-lLove is complex but it is not complicated. The more complicated our love lives are,the less we tend to enjoy it. Complicated love is however not an accident,there are certain things most of us do,consciously or unconsciously to complicate each others lives. Such vices should be avoided at all cost. The essence of having a relationship is rest of mind and peace of mind. If your relationship is not guaranteeing them both,I sincerely question the validity of its continued existence. Continue reading


Your love life needs structure and order. The heart aches that many claim to experience is primarily because their love lives are out of order. In many people’s lives the emotional has been given a place it should not have. There is an appropriate time for everything including love. Once we get the time, place, person and priority of love all mixed up, there are bound to be problem. One thing must come before another. Consider the following as a step by step analysis of the protocol of love. If your love life follows this order and structure, it is most likely to succeed. Continue reading


If feelings aren’t appropriately fueled, they die. My mentor told us that the love it took to start the relationship is not necessarily the love that will see the relationship to the end of life. He said, everything in life gets depleted with use and would need to be replenished from time to time. Love is also not an exemption to this principle of renewal. Unfortunately, few know how to feed their feelings and replenish their love lives. Here are a few practical tips. Continue reading


monogamyMaturity is realizing that, the fact that you can, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. We all have the capacity for multiple love affairs in our connected world, but does that mean that we should have them? This inclination for multiple love affairs is all the more bolstered by the proliferation of mobile and social networking technologies. The real revolution of these technologies is not communication, as much as it is access. For the first time in a century, we can have unrestricted access to anyone, anywhere in the world with the capabilities of exchanging text, voice and images with them. This subtle access revolution has led to a global explosion of multiple love affairs. Continue reading


cyber-relations-virtuality-and-realityWe have been dealing with guidelines for online relationships, particularly our social networking connections. Today, we highlight five other commandments for those you connect with online.

6. THOU SHALL ONLY MEET IN PERSON WITH PEOPLE WHOSE CHARACTER YOU HAVE PROVEN OVER TIME, AND ONLY DO SO IN PUBLIC PLACES, AND DO NOT GO ALONE. You can’t just travel to meet a person you hardly know because you met them online yesterday. Many have met their untimely death that way. First, you must patiently prove your online friend’s integrity for a long time, after which, should you wish to visit them, insist on using public places like a mall or a public restaurant, not in their homes or in hotel rooms. You must also insist on coming with a friend for security purposes. Please you don’t have two lives, refuse to be careless with the one you have. Continue reading


heartbreak009Heartbreaks are not a mystery. In fact, they are very predictable in nature. This is one of the major problems plaguing the love scene today. What however amazes me is how surprised people seem to be, when the inevitable happens to them emotionally. I am fully persuaded that the outcomes of our relationships can be predicted from the scratch. There is a way that you can set up yourself for heartbreak from the very start of a relationship. I intend to demistify the heartbreak process as much as possible in this writing, so that the choice will be left to you,whether to be heartbroken or not. Continue reading


Can love be proven empirically? Can something so emotional in nature be subjected to rational evaluation? Am I meant to believe the love someone claims to have for me, just because they said so? Does the fact that one has feelings for another, mean it is love? Over the next few days, we shall be considering the various proofs of real and right love. The outcome of this will be that you won’t ever be cheated again, if you have been hurt before. Continue reading


So much is being said today about the search for true love that one would think love was lost. Is true love really that hard to find? Why are so many people wearied in their search for this glorious virtue? There are no simple answers to these complex issues but in the course of these article I will attempt to unravel why the attainment of love has become an elusive mystery for many who desire it. It is my hope that reading this will help many find what they have long been looking for. Continue reading