most-common-problems-couples-face-in-marriageConflicts are inevitable in every intimate relationship. Intimacy in itself suggests a rubbing together in different areas of the relationship. Unfortunately the heat and friction generated by intimacy can sometimes lead to adverse consequences, regarding the longevity of the relationship. The first step in conflict resolution is to understand the source and nature of the particular conflict you are facing, this will greatly enhance your ability to overcome it. The following are four major conflicts you might have to deal with in your love sojourn on earth. Continue reading



How do you handle love fights? Is there a place for disagreement in love? Does the fact that you love someone mean there won’t be hard times? These are some issue that we want to address today as we deal with the next ingredient of a perfect love environment – CONFLICTS AND CONFRONTATIONS. Continue reading


I must take time to appreciate our global audience for aggressively recommending this blog to their friends and loved ones. This is evidenced by the fact that yesterday alone the numerical value of our viewers increased by over 100%. What is more remarkable is the global nature of our divers audience. All of these further confirms to me that the global love revolution is well under way. I sure want to guarantee you that we won’t stop until the knowledge of “How love works” becomes as ubiquitous as oxygen among the citizens of the earth. Once again I say a big thank you for being a part of this love revolution. Continue reading