dressing senceFashion is a big deal in our civilization. Beyond the fact that it is a thriving industry in several nations,it is also a means of sustenance for millions who are employed in it. Unfortunately in many scenarios,the sense has being lost in dress sense. In a bid to look cool, the statements we are trying to make isn’t quite clear. This article is my way of drawing our attention back to the essential purpose of dressing and how the beauty generated by it can make or mar our love life. Continue reading


keep-calm-and-love-yourself-579No one can love you like you, because no one knows you like you. Today we want to consider some practical ways to do so. Learning to love yourself will set a remarkable standard for anyone coming into your life to live up to. Without this personal love standard in place, you run the risk of being abused, misused and undermined in your love endeavors. Here they are. Continue reading


  1. The essence of pairing is sharing.

  2. It is wiser to base your relationship on a common future, rather than a common past.
  3. Maturity is not the ability to deny reality,it is the ability to confront it.
  4. Denying reality can never nullify reality.
  5. Basing your future with someone on the probability of their change,rather than on the certainty of their change,is at best emotional gambling.
  6. I will rather risk the possibility of finding someone good in future,than live with the certainty of having someone bad in the present.
  7. Truth is the seed of trust.
  8. A sure way to know you have been deceived 100%, is when you claim to trust a human being 100%.
  9. Never conform to whatever you have not confirmed.
  10. To understand success,you have to be a student of failure.
  11. Your voice might give you the right to speak,but only your results give you the right to be heard.
  12. Great relationships are not based upon individual reluctance,they are based on mutual acceptance.


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5-areas-you-might-accidentally-commit-a-mistake-this-yearSomeone rightly said, life is best lived looking forward but it is best understood looking backwards. In other to understand why a person is the way they are, you might have to understand where they are coming from. To this end I intend to be a bit personal and transparent about certain love decisions I made and how they played out in life for me. Continue reading


We started yesterday on the subject of 8 types of relationships worth breaking. We made it clear that no one has to put up with coercive love circumstances in life. Life is too short to be spent in relationships with people who don’t want to be with you. Today we want to explore the subject of ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS. Continue reading


It is very interesting to note that human civilization started with the story of a break up. God entered into a relationship with man in Genesis1:26,but had to rapidly break it up in Genesis3,because the relationship did not work according to his plans. This was the mother of all breakups. There are several lessons to learn from this broken relationship that applies to our love lives today. Continue reading