imagesSensitivity is a prerequisite for survival in both love and life. You will agree that almost nothing happens in our world without a sign. Many get caught up in unfavorable circumstances because they ignored the warning signs. All who have ever been hurt in love will tell you, the warning signs were there all along, they just didn’t act upon it. Continue reading



heartbreak009Heartbreaks are not a mystery. In fact, they are very predictable in nature. This is one of the major problems plaguing the love scene today. What however amazes me is how surprised people seem to be, when the inevitable happens to them emotionally. I am fully persuaded that the outcomes of our relationships can be predicted from the scratch. There is a way that you can set up yourself for heartbreak from the very start of a relationship. I intend to demistify the heartbreak process as much as possible in this writing, so that the choice will be left to you,whether to be heartbroken or not. Continue reading


Have you ever wondered why some people with less than glamorous looks tend to secure the attention and commitment of their lover for a long period of time, even years? While some more attractive people struggle with finding anyone to commit to them for the long term? The answer is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. We all cannot seem to resist or ignore genuine respect for us. Continue reading


Time To Love And Red HeartWe live in a generation that admires fast things. Fast food, fast cars, and unfortunately some believe in fast love. The truth however is that the process of love can not be hurried. Those who do so are often scarred permanently by the inaccuracy of the love choices made. This is why love must be patient and not urgent. It is not uncommon to see a person who met you yesterday, asks you out today and wants to marry you tomorrow. No matter how persuasive such crash lovers are, we must not be coerced into rushing into any love scenario without taking adequate time to confirm the accuracy of our choice. Continue reading


So the relationship didn’t work out as you planned. Your partner failed your love x-ray woefully. By every intelligent standard this person fell short of your expectations and disappointed you. All the vital signs of dying love were present in your relationship. How you choose to end it will be the greatest test of your character, integrity and honor. Continue reading