theme_relationshipsYesterday, we dealt with how not to start a relationship. Today we want to consider how to start one should you desire to do so. The earlier fact that beginnings are connected to endings hold true for this activity also. Many people tend to begin things without accurately counting the cost of finishing it, as such, they only get half way and turn around. The scene of our civilization is littered with so many abandoned relationships that are a mockery of the efforts of those who started them. Continue reading



theme_relationshipsAll humans are social creatures by design. From the point at which the creator remarked that “it is not good for man to be alone”,we have woken up to our inherent need for companionship. Due to relationship disappointments at times,we may try to deny this need externally, but the gnawing void and loneliness internally, persistently reminds us that we were made for relationship with one another. Continue reading


Have you ever wondered why some people with less than glamorous looks tend to secure the attention and commitment of their lover for a long period of time, even years? While some more attractive people struggle with finding anyone to commit to them for the long term? The answer is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. We all cannot seem to resist or ignore genuine respect for us. Continue reading


Yesterday, we established the fact that injustices in love will be the order of the day, if lovers are ignorant of their rights. The principal antidote to abuse in love is an understanding of what our rights are as lovers. A relationship can only be considered to be just when the individual rights of each lover is being upheld. Today we go a little bit further than yesterday. Continue reading


Many have come to see the sentence “I love you” as the magic wand that opens the heart of anyone they desire. Ladies harass their men for not saying it a hundred times a day, while men try to dodge having to say so until they mean it. The words “I love you” are perhaps the most controversial words ever spoken by man and they will continue to be for generations to come. Continue reading


Today, I intend to deal with a subtle lowering of the standard of love that I am beginning to notice in my generation. This has to do with some individuals practice of sharing their love with multiple partners. This is another kind of relationship worth breaking. I call this kind of relationship DISTRIBUTIVE RELATIONSHIPS. Every once in a while you come across the love prospect who knowingly settles for a partner who is obviously involved with someone else. It is unimaginable that a person will knowingly share their lover with someone else. Continue reading


I want to believe that our journey into the several kinds of relationships worth breaking has been worth your time. I eagerly await your comments,questions and contributions as we ignite this global love revolution together. The few minutes you invest in reading our daily blog means a whole lot to me. We also could connect via email to schedule a speaking appointment with us in your various nations as well as organizations. I deeply appreciate you. Continue reading