Life is governed by laws. Love is governed by laws as well. Our sex life as well must be subjected to certain rules for us not to get hurt in life. The purpose of my writing today is to highlight some of the rules you must not break for your love life to work.

  1. THOU SHALL NOT INDULGE IN IMPULSIVE SEX. It is terrible to note that a subtle idea of impulsive sex is being promoted by our culture. Most of our entertainment and media outlets promote the idea that for sex to be enjoyed, it must obey the rule of spontaneity. This may be positive for married folks but catastrophic for unmarried folks. The driving force for all the condom adverts is to encourage a subtle concept of impulsive sex. I know of wives who even go as far as packing condoms for their husbands, when he is going on an extensive trip,how sad. Some have told me that they found condoms in their partners possessions, when they were sure it wasn’t being used for them. Do I have a problem with condoms and the likes, if used legitimately? of course not! What am afraid of is the mindset that it encourages. It tells me that the person is expecting sex to show up suddenly and impulsively. We aren’t animals ruled by our basest instincts. Our actions, particularly our sexual actions, should be governed by rational and intelligent thought. Continue reading



marriageIt is no longer news to acknowledge the fact that more than 50% of marriages will end up in divorce. Interestingly this statistic doesn’t include the many who choose to remain in their marriages in spite of their lack of fulfillment and unhappiness with their homes. So why is this glorious institution in a state of ruins today? I believe that the reasons are not far fetched. A few of such reasons will be addressed today and I intend to be as candid as possible. Continue reading


Sex!Sex!Sex. Every where I go I seem to notice that sex is fast becoming the identity of my generation. It is even becoming either the first name or the surname of many on the social networks. It is about time someone broke the silence. For over a week or so we have been dealing with solving complex love equations. One equation we are yet to address is WHEN SEX OVERTHROWS LOVE. It is my intention to deal with that today. Continue reading