1386629840276Love evaporates if proper care is not taken. Nothing is more common than the ex lovers who now hate themselves with a higher degree of negative passion. When I attend weddings, I am usually very pensive because, who can tell if this newly wed couple will join the growing group of failed marriages that litter the relational streets of our society. How can we predict that the young passionate lovers who can hardly get their hands off each other won’t be vicious enemies down the road? To tame the rate of the evaporation of love,the evaporating factors must be identified and deliberately curtailed. Continue reading



life-and-culture-and-singleness22Singleness is not a curse,in fact, it can be an awesome blessing. My last two articles must have erroneously communicated the idea that it is unfortunate to remain single. Nothing can be further from the truth. They might also have communicated the idea that it takes being in a relationship to be happy. That is also not true. There are many singles who are more happy than their involved counterparts. It is characteristic of me to seek for balance in all my writings, so today’s article is my attempt at that. Continue reading


singleMany people desire companionship but few know how to position themselves strategically for companionship. It is one thing to have a desire, it is another thing entirely for us to fulfill the criteria for those desires to come to pass. Except for those born with an inherent gift of celibacy, every human being desires to be united in love someday with someone of like minds, unfortunately this may not be everyone’s experience. Today I want to consider some ways by which many position themselves unknowingly for life long singleness. Continue reading