lost-love-spells111Someone rightly said, life is best lived looking forward, but it is best understood looking backwards. Nothing just happens, there is a process to every fall. Those who view their mistakes as sudden inexplicable events are bound to wallow in their errors. However,those who probe their past mistakes for the causes of such errors are poised to access wisdom to enable them overcome future challenges. The following are a few insights I gleaned from looking back at the errors of my past. Continue reading



No doubt, every virgin is missing out on some things. Where we differ is on the specifics of what they are missing out on. Our contemporary society is quick to taunt virgins for missing out on the fun of sex. Interesting as this may sound,I have come to discover that there are other things virgins miss out on,that our depraved world fails to acknowledge. Today we want to unravel those other things, being missed by virgins, and why fun alone cannot be the primary motive of sexual engagement. Continue reading


There is dignity and nobility in virginity. This is an undebatable fact. Owing to the fact that virgins seem to be the minority in our society,there is need to assert the value and virtue of this minority clearly in the minds of people. The point in doing this is not to make non virgins feel guilty,not at all. The essence is to enable our society place appropriate value on these individuals,who are vibrant voices of morality in our time. You may never be called to love a virgin,but we can all at least respect the value that they represent. Continue reading


Virgins might be scarce in our society but I fully believe they exist. Nothing sickens me like sexually promiscuous individuals who still insist on marrying virgins. I once read of a male actor who obviously wasn’t a virgin, insisting that the reason why he wasn’t married was that he was looking for a virgin to marry. I wanted to tell him to his face that, at the rate of his sexual promiscuity, no virgins will be left by the time he was ready to marry. It is practically unfair to desire what you are not in a partner. Continue reading


virginAlmost nothing is as controversial in our society as the subject of virginity. There are those who believe that virgins are an endangered species in our generation. Many believe that virgins no longer exist in our sexually crazed world. I beg to differ. There are also those who believe that being a virgin is antisocial, that those who maintain sexual celibacy are mentally retarded and are missing out on the ultimate elixir of sexual sophistication. I also beg to differ. Continue reading