lovestoryYesterday we established the fact that love may not necessarily last forever. In the course of your lifetime, you may be saddled with the responsibility of reviving, re-kindling and reawakening love. This is our step by step process for that lofty objective to be accomplished. We have said that the key to recovery in love is remembrance. When you remember the good times you have had with your lover, you reawaken the feelings that accompanied those good times. The next step is… Continue reading



crazy-loveThe words “I AM CRAZY ABOUT YOU” seem to be one of the most effective compliments that a person can offer their lover but must love be crazy? I believe somewhere in our human consciousness we entertain the idea that a love that just doesn’t make sense is more impressive than a love that does. I have had ladies tell me that they turned down the love proposal of a guy because they felt they were already too close. This betrays a notion in all of us that love has got to be spectacular and outrageous for us to go along. Today I want to question this hidden notion in all of us. Continue reading


the-things-you-take-for-granted-someone-else-is-praying-for-quote-quotes-about-enjoy-the-moment-936x1210Finding someone to love is by far easier than keeping the one you have found. There are more who know how to find love, than there are people who know how to keep it. If you ever lose your lover, the reasons though many, will not exclude TAKING YOUR PARTNER FOR GRANTED. This has been at the root of most relationship breakdowns in our era. There is an erroneous concept being popularized by many people in our day. Owing to past disappointments, many have come to believe that the less you show your true love for another, the more attached they will be to you. Continue reading


When most people claim to be working on their love lives, what they are mostly doing is working on the hardware and not the software of their love lives. Working on the hardware could mean trying hard to be more attractive to your lover. The truth however is that fixing the external doesn’t necessarily guarantee that everything will be alright. Continue reading


I have always been of the opinion that to understand success, you have to be a student of failure. This has been my impetus for the study of the first break up ever. Yesterday we found out that when trust is lost in love, all is lost. Today, we want to examine the influences that external voices can have on the success or failure of our love lives. If you observe the first break up ever between God and Adam, you will see the intrusive role played by the voice and presence of a deceptive third-party. Continue reading